Monday, December 7, 2009


For lack of a better title, I'm calling this entry December. Many happenings this month, the Bangor Art Society's Holiday Auction on the 5th, a meeting for the Bangor Downtown Arts Collaborative and then on the 16th I am flying to Santa Barbara to spend the Holidays with my daughter and her family. My husband and I will then be driving to Arizona and New Mexico to do a little sightseeing. We will be gone until the middle of January and I am looking forward to the time away.
I have been spending so much time at my studio these past few years, don't get me wrong, I love being here, but I need some time away for awhile. I need to get centered and get my feet firmly planted back on the ground. This trip will be a nice change.
The painting here is the painting I put in the auction for the art society. I painted it a number of years ago and changed things in it a couple of times. At one point I actually brought the whole scene in closer to have a stronger focal point. I've changed the color of the sky a number of times as well as the color of the house. I'm glad someone bought it. I'm sure it will now have a good home.