Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving into August

I'm sitting here waiting for my student to come, she is usually early, and I decided to make an entry. Most of my paintings are packed in the pick-up truck for the shows I do in summer. It's convenient not to have to pack and unpack everything each weekend, but it does tie up the truck for the duration. I haven't started any new paintings lately and am wondering if it's why I have an anxious knot in my gut. Being an artist is a mixed blessing. When I'm creating and in that special place, the world drops away and my focus is thoroughly on what I am doing; but when I'm in a place where I'm not creating, I become tense, with a yearning to be back at my easel. I have talked to others and it is apparently a universal problem that we face as artists. The above images are paintings I did from photos that I take. Sometimes I edit the composition quite a bit, but did not have to in these. You can see that the color and mood have changed dramatically, though.