Thursday, October 8, 2009

This painting was actually painted a few years ago but there was always something I did not like about it. Recently, I took out the texture of the shake shingles and more or less flattened the surface of the image to excentuate the design elements. I think it works so much better now.

Monhegan Boat Houses with Boats - Oil on Canvas

Bangor Downtown Arts Collabortive

A lot of preparation is being done for the next Art Walk in Downtown Bangor. My gallery will be open and Central Street Yoga is allowing the Bangor Art Society to use their space to preview some of the work for the Bangor Art Society Annual Holiday Auction. This is being done in the hopes of raising awareness of the auction and also to let art enthusiasts see a sampling of what will be available the night of the Auction. I have not decided what I am submitting but I want it to be a nice piece. Artists should go into the process of donating work to auctions with the notion that it is a donation to raise money for the organization. I hope it is successful this year.
Bangor Centinel - Oil on Canvas
Friar's Bakehouse - Oil on Canvas

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Manana Island from Fish Beach

One of my newest paintings, done in August for my Exhibit at the Camden Library in September and then at The John Rohman Gallery at Eastern Maine Community College in November and December. Since I take photos and work from them in my studio, I am able to get vantage points that one would not usually get from viewing with the naked eye. In this painting, I zoomed way in on the Island, but was still able to include rocks from the jetty on Fish Beach. Since this is not plein air, I changed the sky color and lighting on the rocks many times until I was able to get the shadows and light areas to contrast the way I wanted them to. After changing the values on the rocks a number of times, I finally mixed a glaze of French Ultramarine with some Cad Orange and painted the rocks again to get the value I was looking for.
Manana Island from Fish Beach - Oil on Canvas