Friday, September 17, 2010


I Started this entry way back in August and this is the first time I have actually been able to take time to finish. Today is October 8th so it has been quite a while. It still is a problem for me to place images where I want them to go and wonder if there is a way to do that.

The painting of the porch is one I did probably about 15 years ago and recently pulled out from the back of the closet I store a lot of my paintings in. Since then, I have completely repainted the entire surface. The colors now are so much more vibrant. In the older version, for some unknown reason, I greyed the colors down so much that they didn't really look blue. I also fooled around a little more with the perspective, and it is one of the problems I had with this painting from the beginning. I have actually repainted the perspective a number of times, changing the lines of the stairs and the clap boards. I think it's right now. One instance where perservarence paid off. The landscape, I painted for the Downeast Sails Uptown show and it was one of those paintings that pretty much painted itself. We were supposed to paint something, that in our opinion, represented Downeast. Nothing further represents, to me, Downeast than tall pine trees against a blue sky. It is so typical of our coastline and I just love driving on Rte 9 to Eastport in the Summer and seeing the pines, the blueberry barrens and the blue sky.

Since most of my energy has been focused on the art festivals I do in summer, I have not been able to complete many paintings lately. These are some I have completed this summer and some I have been working on that are not done yet.

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